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Make your best Medicare decision!

Learn the 5 Steps you need to take before your 65th birthday!

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Alex Wender

In This FREE Online Class, You Will Learn..

  • The basics of Medicare, what is covered, what it costs, and how to sign up.
  • How to enroll onto Medicare in less than 10 minutes and the best time to enroll to avoid and late fees.
  • How to find $0 co-pay Medicare plans with no networks and no doctor referrals required.
  • Exactly what insurance companies DON'T want you to know and how to take advantage of this information.
  • How to find the best Part D prescription plan at the best possible price.
  • How to avoid costly mistakes when enrolling and much more!!
  • How to avoid potential late penalties.


Will this cost me anything?

NO! This online presentation is 100% FREE. There is No cost to you.

Who is Alex Wender and Bluewave Insurance?

Alex Wender is the founder of Bluewave Insurance, an insurance agency that specializes in helping people navigate Medicare and choose the right insurance plan. He and his team have been helping people with their Medicare since 2014.

Will this be just another insurance pitch?

No, this is an educational presentation. Our goal is to provide you with the right information to make your own informed Medicare decision.

I have lots of Medicare Questions, how will I get answers?

Alex will answer lots of Medicare questions on the training. If you have additional questions after the training you will have the opportunity to book a call with our team.

About Your Host.

Alex Wender is the agency owner of Bluewave Insurance Services. Every day, he and his team work with people all over the United States, helping them understand their Medicare options and ensuring they are receiving the best service, pricing, and resources. Alex is a licensed insurance agent in over 40 states.

Alex built Bluewave Insurance from the ground up and takes great pride in ensuring each client has the best plan and coverage at the best possible price.

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